Brief introduction

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology (JUST) is a school of recognized excellence with a history dating back to the year of 1933. It was originally established in Shanghai and relocated in Zhenjiang in 1970. It now has four purpose-built campuses, which cover an area of more than 412 acres in total, including three campus in Zhenjiang and one campus in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou.


The University currently has over 21,900 undergraduates and 2,600 postgraduates actively engaged in multiple discipline areas including engineering, management, agriculture, liberal arts, mathematics, physics, economics, education and law. It is widely recognized for its uniqueness and remarkable academic strength in naval architecture and ocean engineering, material sciences as well as in sericultural study.



Focusing on applied research, we tightly combine foundational research with technological innovation and High-Tech achievements promotion. In the meantime, we have built up research links with industry and established various partnerships with organizations such as China State Shipbuilding Corporation and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. We have also established a cooperative development committee involving more than 100 enterprises and academic institutes. Many enterprises such as Lowe’s, TSUNEISHI and CSIC have set up a variety of scholarships for JUST students.

With the aim to get more globally involved , JUST has launched various scientific and educational cooperative programs with partners from countries including France, Australia, Ukraine, UK, Russia, US, South Korea, Canada, India, Japan, etc, which are turning JUST campus into an increasingly diversified community.


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